Make Sure Your Home Isn’t Harboring Hidden Dangers

Schedule a mold inspection with Akron, OH’s premier home inspectors

Just because a structure seems solid doesn’t mean it’s fit for habitation. Don’t be fooled by a pretty exterior—make sure there’s nothing compromising your home’s air quality by scheduling a mold inspection or test with Buyers Advantage Property Inspections. We’ll take samples from every room of your home and send them off to be analyzed at the lab. If the test results show elevated levels of mold, we’ll immediately alert you and recommend the best way to handle the problem.

Keep your family’s breathing air free of contaminants. Schedule a mold inspection by calling Buyers Advantage Property Inspections at 330-906-4482.

Mold testing and inspection services in Akron, Ohio

Mold testing and inspection services in Akron, Ohio

Buyers Advantage Property Inspections can help you detect the presence of harmful mold with our quality inspection services. Our inspectors will:

  • Visually inspect your property for mold
  • Collect surface samples
  • Determine the species of mold and the amount present with a lab test
Reach out to Buyers Advantage Property Inspections to get started.