Worried About Termites? We’ll Crush Those Fears.

Don’t buy an Akron, OH home without a termite inspection

Before investing in a house, make sure it’s structurally sound and free of creepy crawlers by scheduling an inspection with Buyers Advantage Property Inspections. We offer non-invasive termite inspections and will make sure you’re aware of the presence of any wood-boring insects. You can count on our crew to comb through your home’s structure and note the extent of any damage from past termites. If you have an active termite problem, we’ll provide you with a full report so you can decide what to do.

Schedule a termite inspection with Buyers Advantage Property Inspections by calling 330-906-4482.

Termite inspection services in Akron, Ohio

Termite inspection services in Akron, Ohio

Buyers Advantage Property Inspections can complete a visual inspection of all of your home’s exposed areas to detect the presence of termites. During your termite inspection, our team will be on the lookout for common signs of termites, like:

  • Mud tubes
  • Mud in construction joints
  • Wood damage
Make sure your home isn’t compromised by termites by contacting Buyers Advantage Property Inspections today.